Runaway train in Boston Today May Have Been Tampered With

December 10, 2015Dec 10, 2015

The Governor's Office in Massachusetts just announced startling news about a runaway train that was tampered with by someone "who knew what they were doing."

A six car train left the station toward downtown Boston—without a driver!—and went through 4 stations without stopping.  The railroad operations managed to stop the train electronically, but had they not it was on its way to downtown Boston.  The 50 passengers on board were not injured, but the train easily could have collided or hit something with enormous damage.

The scary news is that this was not a random incident—it looks like the job was professionally done.  Someone "who knew what they were doing", according to Governor Baker, had tampered with the safety mechanism on the railroad.

This obviously raises the specter of potential terrorism. Who would learn the safety mechanism of the railroad and then deliberately try to set a train on a driverless path which could cause great injury?