After White House Chaos, Rumors Swirl About Who Communications Director Will Be

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

On Monday, the White House released an official statement about the removal of Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. His obligatory resignation came only ten days after he had started the position. 

The announcement came as a surprise, as the hiring of Scaramucci two weeks ago led to the resignation of both Press Secretary Sean Spicer and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. According to the New York Times, Scaramucci’s resignation was expected from the new Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly. 

Now, everyone is wondering who the new White House Communications Director will be. According to the Daily Caller, a White House insider reported that Kellyanne Conway is a prime candidate for the position.

Conway served as President Trump’s campaign manager throughout the election process. She became the first woman to ever run a successful presidential campaign.  

Conway currently serves as the White House Counselor to the president. She is often seen as the public face of the White House, making frequent appearances on cable news and in press conferences.

When new Chief of Staff John F. Kelly was hired, Conway was optimistic about the change he would bring. She told the Washington Times that she was hoping he would bring order and discipline to a chaotic time in the White House. 

She said, “I will do whatever the president and our new chief of staff, General Kelly, asks me to do. If we could have protocol, pecking order, order, discipline, and a chief of staff that empowers the staff to succeed, I know that General Kelly has done that on the battlefield, I know that he’s done that as a chief military aide to former Cabinet secretaries.”

Later, she added, “I know he’s done it as a Cabinet secretary. And so we have great faith that that will be done.”

As of Tuesday morning, no confirmations have been made by President Trump or the White House about who will fill the role as the new communications director. Check back for updates as they are released.

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