Rubio Says WHAT After Devastating Super Tuesday Performance?

March 02, 2016Mar 02, 2016

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio won only one state on Tuesday, Minnesota.  Other than that small victory, Rubio’s second best showing was a second place finish behind Donald Trump in Virginia.

Despite the poor showing, Rubio still has very high hopes for his campaign.  “We’ll win Florida,” Rubio promised. “And we’ll win other winner take all states.  When we get to the winner take all state of this election, those states are good for us, and what we’re fighting for, and really going to take off and get to 1,237 (delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination). Donald Trump will not be the nominee of the Republican Party.”

The overwhelming evidence shows that Donald Trump will most likely become the Republican nominee.  The only other candidate showing any form of resistance to Trump is Ted Cruz. 

On Tuesday, Trump won 7 states while Cruz won 3.  The overwhelming support of Republican voters went to the top two candidates.  Despite the strong showing from Cruz, Rubio declared that Cruz had “a bad night” while touting his own second place finish in Virginia.

“I think the analysis has to be re-calibrated here,” Rubio said. “First of all, this is the proportional stage of the campaign. So no one is taking home all of these delegates. Not even Ted Cruz in Texas, who, by the way, tonight was supposed to be Ted Cruz’s big night. You never heard my campaign say that we were going to clean house on Super Tuesday. He ended up winning his home state and sharing delegates. And the neighboring state of Oklahoma, and sharing delegates.”

At this stage in the race, Trump has a substantial delegate lead over his fellow contenders with 319 delegates in the bag.  Ted Cruz is a distant second with 226 delegates.  Rubio currently lags far behind Trump and Cruz with 110 delegates.