Rubio: “Don’t Vote For Me, Vote For THIS Candidate”

March 12, 2016Mar 12, 2016

Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign for president of the United States is over whether he wants to admit it or not.  He must win the primary in his home state of Florida to stay firmly in third place.  Polls show that he is losing to Trump in Florida by a large margin.

With no path to the nomination, it has been speculated that Rubio is only remaining in the race in an attempt to siphon delegates away from Donald Trump so that he will not reach the 1,237 threshold needed to win the Republican nomination outright.  If Trump doesn’t win enough delegates in the primaries, the nomination will be chosen at the convention. 

The Republican establishment is salivating at the chance to pick their own candidate at a brokered convention.  According to Politico, Marco Rubio is giving the establishment the chance to do just that.

Rubio knows that he cannot win in Ohio and has stopped trying.  Instead, his campaign has told their voters in Ohio to vote for Kasich.  Rubio’s communications director, Alex Conant said in an interview on Friday, “If you are a Republican primary voter in Ohio and you want to defeat Donald Trump, your best chance in Ohio is John Kasich.”

For a candidate who is supposedly running for the office of the presidency, Rubio’s open campaigning for a fellow candidate is both damaging to his credibility and insulting towards his supporters.

Rubio has solidified his “establishment” and “Washington insider” status by attempting to steer the nomination process to a brokered convention.  If he does not believe that he is going to win, Rubio should exit the race and allow the will and voice of the people to be heard.