Royal Princess Shocks Fans with Confession, Reveals Attempted Sexual Assault

November 30, 2018Nov 30, 2018

A famous princess, connected to the Royal Family of Luxembourg, has just stunned fans after revealing she narrowly escaped an attempted sexual assault incident. The alleged incident occurred while she was in Kosovo.

According to the report, "Princess Tessy of Luxembourg said she once broke a U.N. peacekeeper’s nose after he allegedly tried to sexually assault her. The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Friday the now 33-year-old was working with the peacekeeping force in Kosovo in the early 2000's when a colleague entered her room and pushed her onto the bed."

“It was one evening and I went into my room and someone knocked very obnoxiously on my door,” she told the site. “I kept the door shut and shouted, ‘What is going on?’ Finally, I opened the door, because I knew the person, and he pushed me in on the bed. I pushed him out straight back. I broke his nose. I didn’t tell anyone about it, for me it was done and dusted. But the day afterward everybody knew about it. As I went for breakfast everyone stood up and clapped.”

The royal princess, who is now a mother to two young children, is being praised for her bravery in coming forward about her ordeal. Hopefully, her story raises awareness for other potential victims so people won't have to go through the traumatic experience she did.

“I didn’t understand why at first but then my supervisor came to me and said, ‘I knew I would have no problems with you. I knew you would be fine.’ And that was fantastic. Just to know I could defend myself in such terrible situations. Nothing happened because I could defend myself, but millions of other women are taken advantage of from time to time.”

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