Nicknames of Royal Family Members Revealed and Some of them are Downright Bizarre

July 18, 2018Jul 18, 2018

This has been an exciting season for the royal family with weddings and babies and birthdays and travel! Even though they are global leaders and have the world as their stage, however, the royal family still loves to laugh at the end of the day! 

Last December, the royals revealed that they give each other "gag gifts" every year for Christmas. Additionally,  they are often seen in public laughing with each other!

Now, the Daily Mail has revealed another fun fact about the royal family- they all have nicknames! Below are some of the nicknames that people have overheard each member going by in the past, though it is likely that they have many more!

Queen Elizabeth II

When Prince William was a young boy, he reportedly couldn't correctly pronounce "granny." Instead, he would call her "Gary." Now, it is one of her alleged nicknames! Prince George calls his great-grandmother "Gan-Gan." Queen Elizabeth II has also been known as "Lilibet" and "Mama." Additionally, Prince Philip has referred to her as "sausage" before.

Duchess Meghan

Prince Charles refers to Meghan Markle as "Tungsten" because of her "tough and unbending" nature, referencing the metal. Additionally, her real name is actually Rachel, so even "Meghan," her middle name, is technically a nickname!

Prince Harry

Harry was often called "Spike" during his childhood. He allegedly created a fake Facebook profile at one point under the name "Spike Wells." Additionally, some sources have said that Meghan's friends call Prince Harry "Hazza."

Prince William and Duchess Kate

Neither of them appears to have very odd nicknames unless they hide them well! Rather, they refer to each other as "babe" or "darling." Additionally,  Prince William has been given a plethora of random names throughout his life from his brother in order to disguise their identities. Most of them have been relatively normal,  however, like "Steve."

What do you think about the royal nicknames?! Let us know! In other recent news, a secret service agent just died while in Europe protecting President Trump. Please keep his family in your prayers.

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