Royal Family Upset Over Fast Food Restaurant's New Ad

May 30, 2017May 30, 2017

An American famous fast food restaurant chain, Burger King, is set to open their first location in Belgium during June of 2017. Burger King developed a ‘creative’ campaign to advertise the grand opening, but the royal family seems very displeased.

The ‘Who is the king?’ campaign involves potential customers voting for the actual King. On the website, two choices are given. You have the option to vote for Burger King or King Philippe, the country’s current king.


BBC reports that if a person selects King Philippe, they are asked two more times if they are positive about their choice and the final option is ‘no’, but if someone chooses ‘Burger King’, nothing else happens. In other words, the end result will always be ‘Burger King’.

Belgian monarchy spokesperson, Pierre Emmanuel de Bauw, released a statement on behalf of the royal family:

“We disapprove of this approach. Since it is for commercial purposes, we would not have given our authorization.”

Since the voting poll still appears on the website as of May 30th, 2017, it does not look like Burger King is planning to discontinue the campaign. Voting is reportedly open until June 19th.

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