Roy Moore's Accuser Reacts to Alabama Election Results

December 14, 2017Dec 14, 2017

Republican candidate Roy Moore recently lost the Alabama Senate race to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Many believe that if it weren’t for the various sexual assault allegations that came out against Moore, which have yet to be proven, he would have won the election.

The 70-year-old Republican nominee was, unfortunately, the center of nationwide headlines for weeks after several women accused him of sexual misconduct, some of whom were underage. One woman, in particular, Beverly Young Nelson, insisted that Moore attempted to rape her years ago.

Moore denied all allegations. Additionally, there was no evidence and many of the stories had “holes” that didn’t add up, especially Nelson’s.

Following the election results, Nelson spoke to ABC News about her initial reaction.

According to ABC, she was “surprised” and “happy” that he lost to Jones—the first Democrat to win an Alabama Senate seat in 25 years.

Nelson stated, "It's a relief to know that [Moore's] not going to be in the office and that this may not happen again...Hopefully.”

She also discussed her feelings on coming forward with her story.

Nelson said, “It's like I have had just a concrete barrier lifted off my back. And I'm just so happy that I went ahead and got this over."

She continued with a message for those who still voted for Moore, "You know, that's just not good that [some voters] would choose a man just because he is a Republican, not thinking about what he's done. Surely, they should think about their own children and their grandchildren—how it's going to affect them."

She was “thrilled” that others chose to “vote in her honor” against Moore.

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