Roy Moore Issues Major Statement Amidst Damaging Allegations

November 15, 2017Nov 15, 2017

On Tuesday night, Roy Moore attended the "God Save America Revival Conference" at Walker Springs Road Baptist Church. In the midst of extreme allegations against him, the Senate candidate wanted to talk about his purpose in getting to Capitol Hill. 

Moore walked into the church on Tuesday night with Kayla, his wife. The two of them were welcomed with a loud applause before Moore took the stage to speak.

The Republican talked about religious liberties and the various battles that he is willing to fight. He referenced the battle over "God in America" and said that he wants to bring God to Washington "if it is God's will."

He said, "Obviously I've made a few people mad. I'm the only one who can unite Democrats and Republicans because I seem to be opposed by both. They've spent over $30 million to try to take me out, they've done everything they could, and now they're together to try to keep me from going to Washington."

Moore then briefly referenced the recent allegations that have been made against him. 

He said, "Today you find out that people would rather hear criticisms of a person than look at what he's done for 20 to 30 to 40 years...Now I'm running for- Senate of the United States- what do you think I'm going to do? Why do you think they're giving me this trouble? Why do you think I'm being harassed by the media and by people pushing forth allegations in the last 28 days of this election, last 30 days it began?"

He continued, "After 40 something years of fighting this battle I'm now facing allegations and that's all the press want to talk about, but I want to talk about the issues. I want to talk about where this country is going and if we don't come back to God, we're not going anywhere."

While many Republicans have been backing out of their previously pledged support for Moore, the candidate has given no reason to believe that he will drop out of the race. 

Moore said, "I want to speak the truth, I want to take the truth about God to our Capitol."

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