Roy Moore Answers Sean Hannity's Ultimatum

November 16, 2017Nov 16, 2017

Tuesday night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity issued an ultimatum to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore: explain the abuse allegations against you or step aside. He gave him a firm deadline of twenty-four hours.

By Wednesday evening, Moore replied to Hannity, publishing an open letter to him, reported CNN. Hannity had called on Moore to explain the inconsistencies in his story adequately.

In the letter, Moore suggested that he is the latest victim of a political hit job.

"I am suffering the same treatment other Republicans have had to endure," Moore wrote to Hannity.

Moore is accused by multiple women of perusing sexual relationships with them while they were between 14 and 18, and he was in his mid-30’s. In two of those cases, the women also accuse him of sexual abuse.

“A month prior to the general election for U.S. Senate in Alabama, I have been attacked by The Washington Post and other liberal media in a desperate attempt to smear my character and defeat my campaign,” continued Moore.

In the letter, Moore said that he had held several public offices over the past 40 years—as well as two national controversies that attracted public attention. During those times, he wrote that allegations never arose against him.

“The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission, Court of the Judiciary, and Attorney General have investigated, scrutinized, examined, and vetted me, not to mention every opposing candidate against whom I have run,” said Moore.

Moore also spent a good portion of the letter discussing Beverly Young Nelson’s allegations against him. He pointed out that when Nelson filed for divorce in 1999, he presided over her case.

“No motion was made for me to recuse. In her accusations, Nelson did not mention that I was the judge assigned to her divorce case in 1999, a matter that apparently caused her no distress at a time that was 18 years closer to the alleged assault. Yet 18 years later, while talking before the cameras about the supposed assault, she seemingly could not contain her emotions,” wrote Moore.

He also called into question the signature in her yearbook, which Nelson said was written by Moore in 1977. However, he didn’t come out and say that he did not write in the yearbook.

“Those initials as well as the date under the signature block and the printed name of the restaurant are written in a style inconsistent with the rest of the yearbook inscription. The “7’s” in “Christmas 1977” are in a noticeably different script than the “7’s” in the date “12-22-77.” I believe tampering has occurred,” said Moore.

Moore concluded his letter by asking if allegations should “overcome a public record of 40 years.” He asks if allegations, which he calls false should “stampede the media and politicians to condemn an innocent man, and potentially impact the outcome of an election of national importance?”

Finally, Moore denied the allegations, “I adamantly deny the allegations of Leigh Corfman and Beverly Nelson, did not date underage girls, and have taken steps to begin a civil action for defamation. Because of that, at the direction of counsel, I cannot comment further.”

On his Wednesday show, Sean Hannity addressed the open letter. He said that he was not going to rush to judgment on Moore, but that he still believes the allegations to be “beyond disturbing and serious."

After the response, Hannity declined to drop his support for Moore. He suggested that additional time and information may be needed for the voters of Alabama to make a decision. Whatever Hannity’s personal opinion, he ended his show by saying the decision lies with the Alabama voters, who he praised as intelligent and good citizens.

"I am very confident that when everything comes out, they will make the best decision for their state," he concluded.

In related news, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota just released a statement after incriminating photos seem to reveal sexual abuse. 

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