Roseanne Barr Makes Surprising Comment on ABC, Slams the Press in New Statement

May 17, 2018May 17, 2018

Conservative fans of the “Roseanne” reboot were disappointed this week after new reports insisted that the show would transition away from politics in the next season. The sitcom’s recent return was a big deal since Roseanne’s character is an outspoken Trump supporter — as she is off of the show.

Previously, she assured fans that season two would be “even braver/funnier/timely” than the first season despite several media outlets implying that the show’s transition was to “put [Roseanne] in her place.”

Now, the “Roseanne” star has released another statement in support of her network, and additionally, clarified that media reports about the reasoning for the show’s transition were wrong. Read her full statement below.

“ABC has supported my work, has NOT silenced me will NOT censor me or any of that BS. I have NOT been 'put in my place' or any of that stuff ppl r saying,” Roseanne fired. “ABC supports our new season-unlike anything EVER on TV [before].”

“The press never apologizes or corrects themselves...ABC President totally supports Roseanne show,” the actress added. “Stop letting yourselves be divided, [people]. Concentrate on talking to your families and your neighbors.”

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