Ron Howard Jokes Daughter Bryce Doesn’t Need His Help in Hollywood

Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard

Ron HowardHe is a proud father. Oscar winner, actor, gushed about his daughter. Bryce Dallas Howard — and joked that she hasn’t needed too much direction while navigating her own Hollywood career over the years.

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“She hasn’t needed my help very much,” the Beautiful MindDirector, 68. Exclusively told Us Weekly, laughing. “She takes my advice along with a handful of other people, including her husband, Seth [Gabel], her management team, etc. She’s very thoughtful about all that. So, you know, sure, I throw in my two cents here and there, but I don’t think my comments have ever been pivotal. [Since]The age of, I believe, was 20 or 21. [is] when she really became a professional – first with a year in theater and then with The Village. She’s always had a clear sense of the way in which she could best contribute and what she hoped to get out of the experience of the business.”

The RocketmanShe has created her own path. Since 2004’s The Village, she’s starred in Spider-Man 3Gwen Stacy The Help, 50/50, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and wrapped the most recent version of Jurassic WorldWith franchise Jurassic World Dominion.

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The Happy DaysCheryl Howard, a former alumnus, and her husband, Cheryl, are also the parents of Jocelyn and Paige, as well as their son Reed. Bryce married Gabel (40) in 2006. They share a son Theodore (15), and a daughter Beatrice (10).

“I’ve always admired the fact that she’s in the business for the right reasons,” the Unter dem Banner des HimmelsProducer told Use. “She loves the process. She loves the people and what it can do for them. It’s a career, sure, but it’s not really about the more superficial things. It’s more about the more durable factors that the time you invest in something is time you’ll never get back. And if you invest it well with people you enjoy working with, then those are the building blocks of great memories and a great life.”

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Bryce, for her part, gushed over her famous dad’s influence on her life during an interview with TodayJune 2020. “My dad was constantly bringing me to movie sets. I loved that. He was an inspiration to my life. But we also played a ton of basketball at home,” she said at the time. “We’d just go and shoot baskets on the driveway. We did it a million times. Whenever I think about it, it brings me warmth and happiness.”

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