Romance And Brooding Abound With Pluto-Venus Conjunction

Venus has been gradually approaching Pluto over the last month. Under Capricorn, the celestial opposites will be in full conjunction. This combination of romance and self-esteem, power, diligence, and perseverance will transform relationships. 

Add in a Venus retrograde next Sunday, and it’ll be hard to tell whether or not the changes are good. This astrological mashup will bring clarity and insight thanks to the full moon. 

One thing is to see relationships for what they really are. It is quite another to act (or not) on it. Which one will you choose?

Choose your Sign


March 20 – April 19

Life and love don’t always go according to plan. Aries, the sooner you can come to terms with this, the happier you’ll be. Whether it’s a relationship, career, or creative output, forcing it will produce stale results. 

Because you’ve been burned in the past, you use control and aggression as a defense mechanism. You want things either to go your direction or to fall to your will. 

To be too attached to your imagined scenarios can cause more pain that letting go of the chaos. If you are open to the possibility that things will turn out better than expected, they might.


taurus zodiac symbol

April 19 – May 20

Love has great transformative power, but it’s up to you which direction it goes. Venus, your ruling planet is slowly moving towards retrograde. Before this happens, it’s important to take stock of the dynamics and quality of your relationships. 

Relationships are a key ingredient to greatness. You’re feeling less inclined to dig your heels in, which is a good start. Be careful not to ignore your emotions in order to avoid confrontation. 

This is not an easy task. Your intuition can guide you. If something doesn’t feel right, then it likely isn’t.


gemini zodiac symbol

May 20 – June 21

Feeling disconnected from our roots can cause irritation or melancholy. How we live our lives every day is influenced by our relationships with our families. A full moon at the end of the week will highlight any problems in your family or past connections that require fixing. 

We’re often quick to sweep things under the rug with family, but even relatives will notice a lumpy rug. Mercury, your ruling planet, can help you communicate clearly and effectively. 

Although it is difficult to face family problems, hard work will pay off over the long term.


cancer zodiac symbol

June 21 – July 22

Cancer, your inner and external selves are in conflict this week. You’ve been feeling the urge to explore, learn, and leave no stone unturned. But your outside world doesn’t reflect that, and it’s left you feeling disappointed and detached. 

Moreover, you’re normally drawn to routine. This new urge to get out of your comfort zone is quite odd. Find the nourishment your soul needs during the full moon at week’s end 

Do you need a change of scenery? You need new information? A new way of thinking? Once you figure it out, you’ll be closer to getting out of this funk.


leo zodiac symbol

July 22 – August 22

It’s hard to be king of the jungle if you burn every tree on your way to the top. Your hard work and intensity paid off. But don’t rest easy yet. You may have lost a piece of yourself somewhere along the way to success.

Your passion is obsessed with its subject to the point of obsession. You start to betray your self and others. You betray your self with impossible standards that do not allow for failure or rest. These also standards betray others’ by building impenetrable walls around you. Don’t conflate being successful with being whole, Leo.


virgo zodiac symbol

August 22 – September 22

A good work ethic has its merits, but you’re far overdue for a break from the office. If you feel stressed from your professional life, it could be that you are feeling burnt out and high-strung. You might find that a change in routine can help you feel better. 

This doesn’t mean working from home with your nose in a laptop, either. You should live now and consciously, wherever you have the time. Spend time with family, even if there’s just enough time for an after-work dinner and movie. 

If you feel the need to relax, think of this: If you don’t take breaks from work, your work will undoubtedly suffer.


libra zodiac symbol

September 22 – October 23

All committed relationships are susceptible to ups or downs. Right now, you’re swinging relatively low. But you can’t quite put your finger on why. Are you really unhappy? Are you truly unhappy?

Your feelings of impulsivity might seem fleeting and light as air, but don’t let them fool you. Your relationship can be changed by how you react to these feelings. This includes destroying it. You don’t have to hurt your friends and family by being rebellious. 

As your ruling planet, Venus, approaches retrograde, you’ll need to figure out if this relationship is worth keeping around or if it’s time to move on. You can’t have both.


scorpio zodiac symbol

October 23 – November 22

You’ve been keeping your nose to the grindstone, but now it’s time to look up and assess your work thus far. Make a plan for your finances, short- and long-term goals. What are you doing well and what do you need to do?

Is it possible to sacrifice your emotional needs for the sake of success? This exercise can also be beneficial for your mental health. It can be difficult sometimes to see the forest among the trees. 

But a shift in perspective—and a willingness to change—can help. How good can success really feel if you’re unhappy?


sagittarius zodiac symbol

November 22 – December 21

It can be frustrating when you’re on a roll, and no one can keep up. You’ve been feeling emboldened to turn plans into action. But despite your best efforts, the process seems slow-going—almost stagnant. 

Consequently, you’ve been more prone to lashing out. You feel alienated by the everyday because of the grandeur of your plans. You feel misunderstood, yet you can’t understand why. Therefore, you react emotionally and not logically. 

Thinking logically means evaluating your role in your own struggles. Are you able to keep up with the rest of the world, or are your efforts being held back?


capricorn zodiac symbol

December 21 – January 20

It is noble to put others first. Resentment can be created by putting others first. While it’s true that hard work often reaps high rewards, it’s also important to save some of those rewards for yourself. Doing so isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. 

If you’re working toward a happier life, building grudges isn’t the way to do it. You will only make your life harder by putting on emotional weights. Although it might seem counterintuitive, trust your intuition. 

You can look at your situation objectively the same way you would for a friend. Follow that advice.


aquarius zodiac symbol

January 20 – February 18

Since summer, you’ve been under the influence of your ruling planet, Uranus, in retrograde. As such, you’ve been in constant battle with your need for independence and a desire for stability. Unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, Aquarius. 

So, you’ll have to decide which discomfort you can tolerate the best. Is it the discomfort that comes with being alone and being enthralled by new experiences? Is it the discomfort of routine, while still enjoying the familiar warmth? 

Figuring out which you prefer might revive some of that spark you’ve been missing.


pisces zodiac symbol

February 18 – March 20

There’s nothing wrong with seeking emotional comfort, but make sure to keep it rooted in reality. Your ruling planet Neptune is in your sign. Because of this, you’re more susceptible to escaping into fantasies and nightmares alike. 

Your ruling twelfth-house house is Virgo, the queen of practicality. Its pragmatic influence can help you stay grounded in your search for spiritual healing. A minor setback doesn’t make you or a close relationship a failure. 

Keep moving forward, and trust your gut rather than your imagination. A prophet and a worrywart are two different things.

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