Roma Downey Shares How Her Faith Literally Saved Her Life

February 05, 2016Feb 05, 2016

During a speech at the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, actress Roma Downey told a story of her childhood in which faith literally saved her life.  Before Downey became famous for her role in “Touched by an Angel”, she experienced the loss of her mother as a child in Ireland and nearly lost her life trying to honor her mother.


“When I was just 10 years of age my mother died and I remember going to visit her grave when a fierce gun battle broke out in the cemetery, and I narrowly missed being shot,” Downey said.  “The bullet hole singed the coat I was wearing and missed my head by inches.  Surely, I must have had an angel watching over me that day.”

Downey and her husband Mark Burnett produced the wildly successful biblical television shows “The Bible” and “A.D.”  According to the Daily Signal, the couple devoted their lives and careers to creating shows and movies that are family friendly. 

“Far more important than the ratings were the stories of families sitting together in their living rooms watching ‘The Bible,” Downey said.  “The stories of how God’s love for us unfolded through the ages moved them and engaged them because faith was and is alive and well in America.