American Musician, Co-Founder of Rock Band Who Landed Charting Singles Dies at 71

June 09, 2019Jun 09, 2019

American guitarist and vocalist Roky Erickson has passed away at 71 years old. The co-founder of the band 13th Floor Elevators was considered a legend for creating the psychedelic rock genre.

According to Variety, he died on Friday, June 7th in Austin, Texas. The cause of death was not immediately released for public knowledge.

His rock band landed multiple charting singles including "You're Gonna Miss Me," which peaked at number 55 on Billboard in 1966. 13th Floor Elevators also released "Reverberation (Doubt)," which hit number 129 on Billboard in 1966. Some of their other popular singles include “Fire Engine,” “Tried to Hide,” “Roller Coaster,” and “She Lives.”

13th Floor Elevators was only around for a few years before it fell apart due to Erickson’s drug abuse and escalating mental illness, reported Variety. After the band broke up in 1969, Erickson took on a solo career recording hit singles like “Starry Eyes,” “Bermuda,” “You Don’t Love Me Yet,” and “I Have Always Been Here Before.”

Currently, few details are known. This article will be updated if more information is released. Were you a fan of his? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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