Over 600 Rockets Launched on Death and Destruction Mission Headed for Israel, Death Toll Rising

May 06, 2019May 06, 2019

A terrifying scene has just taken place over the skies in the Middle East. Over 600 rockets were launched in an effort to cause extreme destruction and mayhem in Israel.

"Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired more than 600 rockets into southern Israel in less than 24 hours, killing at least four Israelis and leaving several more in critical condition," reported Fox News.

Israel has since responded to the attack. Officials in Israel launched dozens of airstrikes against the militant terrorists in Gaza. The death count is still continuing to rise form both of these incidents.

Four Israeli men were said to be killed by the 600 rockets in the initial launch. Although Israel was successful in shooting down some of the missiles, they weren't able to engage all of them. Officials also said they believe 16 Palestinians have been killed in the retaliation strikes.

"According to Haaretz, the Israeli army said it expects the flare-up to continue in the coming days. A Hamas political source told the news outlet that the group decided to take serious steps against Israel because the Israeli government has been slow in implementing understandings reached between the two parties," the report from Fox News continued.

The attacks are the largest events of their kind in recent years. The two sides have been feuding for decades, though the destruction has remained at a relatively small level. This could prompt an entirely new situation in the coming weeks.

Please join us in praying for the region. We ask for God's mercy and peace to surround the area and for innocent lives to be spared.

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