Rock Band BASHES President Donald Trump At Every Concert

March 27, 2017Mar 27, 2017


Green Day, a famous rock band, revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that they shout ‘F--- You. Donald Trump’ at every concert on their recent tour.

The band is pleased with themselves bringing politics into their music shows. Billie Joe Armstrong stated, “I have a sense of gratitude every night and I feel like I'm making an impact beyond just playing my guitar. It's giving people an experience whether it's political or musical."

Armstrong continues with his desire to ‘keep energy in the room positive and create a form of unity’. He says, “People know how I feel. I feel like going negative is just throwing fuel on the fire. I feel like the government is trying to create a culture war between us in a lot of ways...I want people to feel unity when they come to show.”

Breitbart mentions that Green Day has ‘made a habit of bashing President Trump.’ Recently, aside from the ‘screw Donald Trump’ remark at concerts, the band has compared our president to Adolf Hitler and Voldemort [Harry Potter evil villain].

The big question: How does bashing the U.S. President encourage positivity and unity?

What are your thoughts about Green Day’s pummel remarks? Are they being hypocritical?

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