Robyn Lively Would ‘100 Percent’ Do a ‘Teen Witch’ Remake

With a little magic! Robyn LivelyReady for a Teen WitchMore than 20 years later, after appearing in the 1989 film.

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“A hundred percent I would,” the actress, 50, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “There was something that was in development, and it fell through, and it was heartbreaking, but it’s not dead. It’s not a dead issue. I would love to, but it must be done right. The versions that were being presented were just not, it wasn’t it. It has to be right.”

Lively portrayed the role of Louise Miller in the fantasy comedy. She is a high school girl who becomes the most famous because she gains magical powers. Brad Powell, her crush, is even enchanted by the enchantment.Dan GauthierTo fall in love with her.

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“Working on it, thinking about it,” she added of brainstorming a new idea. “I really do hope that I could get something to materialize because I think it would be so special.”

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Teen Witch was filled with musical numbers, from Louise’s peers singing in the locker rooms to her best friend, Polly (Mandy Ingber), rapping “Top That” with her crush Rhet (Noah Blake).

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“We were all so young. We didn’t know what we were doing. We had no idea that it would resonate for generations and that it would be so special to people,” the Karate KidThe actress said Use. “The only thing that I remember being cringy was not even my scene. It was with Mandy, and it was the ‘Top That’ rap. They were stunned. They didn’t like it. They couldn’t stand it. It ended up being the most iconic scene in all of Hollywood. Teen Witch. It’s the most beloved scene of all. And that rap is just — it’s classic. But it’s funny that going into that, they just did not want to do it.”

You can rest assured that Ingber has since adopted it. “Absolutely. How can you not? It’s so good,” Lively added.

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Robin Lively in ‘Teen Witch.’

The scene was filmed during reshoots, along with Louise’s intimate moment with Brad at the abandoned house. “That was thrown in there,” she recalled. “Mortified, by the way, to this day that was added. I wasn’t complaining at the time, but now looking back, I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, that is so embarrassing.’”

Lively — the older stepsister of Blake Lively (Teen Witch is “one of her favorite movies”) — has since gone on to appear in Twin Peaks, Doogie Howser, M.D., Saving Grace, Light as a Feather, 9-1-1: Lone StarMore.

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“I’ve never, ever thought of doing anything else,” the Strong Daughters, Strong FathersThe actress said Us. “It was never even an active or conscious choice of mine. Since I was three years old, it was just a part my life. I do have those moments where I’m on set. And honestly, there’s never a job that I’m not just going, ‘Wow. I’m so grateful to be able to still do what I love.’ I’m still doing the thing that I’ve done my entire life. It never escapes me that I’m still doing this and I’m still doing what I love. Gosh, I love it so much.”