Robert E. Lee Descendant Resigns As Pastor After Controversial Comment

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

It hasn't been a good week for Robert E. Lee descendant, Rev. Robert W. Lee, who was recently forced to resign from the church where he was pastor. 

According to Fox News, the North Carolina pastor had to step down after his congregation expressed outrage at a racial justice comment he made last month. 

“My name is Robert Lee IV, I’m a descendant of Robert E. Lee, the Civil War general whose statue was at the center of violence in Charlottesville," he remarked. "We have made my ancestor an idol of white supremacy, racism, and hate. As a pastor, it is my moral duty to speak out against racism, America’s original sin."

He continued, "Today, I call on all of us with privilege and power to answer God’s call to confront racism and white supremacy head-on. We can find inspiration in the Black Lives Matter movement, the women who marched in the Women’s March in January, and, especially, Heather Heyer, who died fighting for her beliefs in Charlottesville.”

The pastor's tenure was put to vote at Bethany United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem – a move that forced the young man to resign.

The "controversial" comments were made on the August 27 MTV video Music Awards broadcast when he was introduced to Heather Heyer, the mother of the woman killed by a white supremacist at the Charlottesville rally. Apparently, the congregation was angry that he lifted up the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Lee isn't the only pastor to speak out against racism. In fact, many Christian leaders have used this as an opportunity to speak out against America's original sin.

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