Famous Actor Welcomes Baby No. 4 Months After Loss of Son to Brain Cancer

December 31, 2018Dec 31, 2018

Actor Rob Delaney is likely experiencing bittersweet joy. The "Catastrophe" actor is a proud father to another little boy nearly 8 months after losing his 2 1/2-year-old son to cancer, reported PEOPLE

Delaney just revealed that he and his wife Leah welcomed their fourth son this past August. His birth came 7 months after his older brother, Henry, died of brain cancer in January 2018.

Delaney revealed in a new interview with The Sunday Times Magazine. He shared that he and his wife decided to have a fourth child while their son was sick.

“We likely would’ve had a fourth anyway. But I mean, there’s mixed feelings. It’s sort of like [Henry and the new baby] touch each other a little bit, but they almost exist in separate lanes.”

He continues, “Having another child in no way, shape or form eases the grief of Henry dying. But also having Henry dying doesn’t make our new son any less magical. I want to gobble him up and he deserves our full attention and love, and he grew in the same womb as Henry.”

Henry battled cancer for much of his short life. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016 shortly after his first birthday. He passed away in January 2018.

“Henry had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, shortly after his first birthday, following persistent vomiting and weight loss. He had surgery to remove the tumor and further treatment through the early part of 2017. Then the cancer returned last autumn and he died in January,” Delaney wrote in a statement shared on his Facebook page.

“Henry was a joy. He was smart, funny, and mischievous and we had so many wonderful adventures together, particularly after he’d moved home following 15 months living in hospitals,” he continued, saying that although Henry’s “tumor and surgery left him with significant physical disabilities,” his son had “quickly learned sign language and developed his own method of getting from A to B shuffling on his beautiful little bum.”

Delaney revealed his wife's pregnancy in June. However, he did not reveal how far along she was. He also did not give any other details about his youngest son in his recent interview.

Congratulations to the couple on their fourth child. May God help them heal from the loss of Henry and move forward with their living children—even though they will never forget Henry.

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