Road Rage? Driving Drowsy? You Might Just Be Sitting On the Solution

September 29, 2015Sep 29, 2015

Prone to road rage? Your driver's seat could help you with that.

According to Reuters, automotive supplier Faurecia has been teaming up with the Spine Research Institute at Ohio to develop a high-tech seat lining that monitors your stress and energy levels.


And if you start screaming at the minivan driver who just cut you off? The Active Wellness seat will give you a relaxing massage and increase airflow through the cushion's ventilation system to cool you down and return you to automotive nirvana.

But have no worries as you skillfully speed your way up the turnpike on your droll daily commute and your heavy eyelids began to droop. Your Active Wellness will detect your zoned out driving and respond with a "very energizing massage," says Faurecia director of innovation Olaf Biedermann.

Just put your hands at the 9 and 3 and let your seat keep you calm and between the dotted lines.