Riverdale’s Ryan Grantham Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder

Ryan Grantham in ‘Considering Love And Other Magic.’

Ryan GranthamAfter previously confessing to the murder of his mother, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Riverdale alum, 24, was sentenced on Wednesday, September 21, in British Columbia, Canada’s Supreme Court, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Grantham was also sentenced to 14 years in prison. He must also be subject to a lifetime firearm ban.

After being arrested and charged for first-degree murder, Grantham had previously confessed that he had killed his mother, Barbara Waite. Waite was found dead in their shared house two years prior. The Supernatural The charges of second-degree Murder in March were pleaded guilty by the alum, which results in an automatic life sentence in Canada.

“I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuse,” Grantham said during a June court hearing, apologizing for his actions. “It hurts me to think about how badly I’ve wasted my life.” He added, “In the face of something so horrible, saying sorry seems so pointless. But from every fiber of my being, I am sorry.”

Following his sentencing hearing, the actor’s attorney, Chris Johnson, noted that his client had been working “really hard to turn his life around” after his arrest.

“He’s received a lot of psychological assistance and he has struggled with what he’s done and facing that,” Johnson said in a Thursday, September 22, statement to E! News. “But he hopes to be able to dedicate the rest of his life to making amends.”

Amid the trial, the actor’s attorney claimed that Grantham’s mental health struggles contributed to his reasonings for killing Waite.

‘Riverdale’ Alum Ryan Grantham Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering His Mother

Ryan Grantham in ‘Riverdale.’

“At the time of the offense, this killing was not done out of hatred or animosity,” Johnson said during the June hearing. “It was done in Mr. Grantham’s disordered thinking, to prevent his mother from seeing what he thought he was about to do.”

The iZombie alum’s mental illness struggles did affect Justice Kathleen Ker’s sentencing, per the CBC. Ker had considered his challenges in handing down her ruling, noting he’s been seeking psychiatric help while in prison and that he appeared truly remorseful for his actions.

Grantham became famous as an actor in TV shows and films such as Diary of a Wimpy kidRedwood: Becoming a Redwood  Supernatural. He was offered the role of Jeffrey Augustine in season 4, which he accepted in June 2019. Riverdale. The Canada native’s character killed Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) in a fatal hit-and-run car accident.