Ritual Synbiotic+ Gut Health Supplement Is a Serious Bloat-Buster

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Feeling bloated or uncomfortable? We know what you feel Use, even when we’re drinking plenty of water and staying active, an uncomfortable bloat is always just on the horizon — if it hasn’t already arrived. We simply don’t need the digestive discomfort on top of our immune system concerns, especially as we start to question if every sneeze is the result of spring allergies or something worse.

Bloating can be more common in certain bodies than others. The point is, we don’t want them to be a bother anymore. And they don’t have to be. No, we’re not telling you to chug an entire bottle of kombucha right now to elevate your gut health. Instead, how about just one capsule?

It’s there!

Buy the Synbiotic+ dietary Supplement for Just $50 at Ritual

Ritual’s newest launch, Synbiotic+, might be your favorite Ritual product. It’s a three-in-one supplement, containing prebiotics, probiotics and a postbiotic! And unlike kombucha, you can be done with it in a matter of seconds, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and you don’t need to deal with any acidic flavors you don’t enjoy. You only need one a day. You don’t even need to take it with food!

This supplement contains a simple formula that is vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. It’s third party-tested as well. Plus, Ritual’s in-house scientists and medical experts help guide all new product innovation and clinical research, so you can trust that only the best ingredients for you make up each minty capsule!

It’s there!

Buy the Synbiotic+ dietary Supplement for Just $50 at Ritual

There are many potential benefits to this supplement. We love that it may aid in digestion support, relieving bloating and gas, and even preventing diarrhea, thanks to the probiotic strains LGG or BB-12. Clinical research scientists found that these these two prebiotic strains “may promote human health and support the daily wellness of consumers in important health domains,” as reported in Cogent Food & Agriculture. “There is evidence that BB-12 beneficially affects stool frequency in populations with reduced stool frequency. LGG appears to prevent Antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) in patients treated for H. pylori infection.” LGG and BB-12 were also found to “support immune defense against pathogens in the upper respiratory tract”!

Synbiotic+ claims to target unwanted bacteria in the gut and support the growth of good bacteria for a balanced microbiome. Meanwhile, the postbiotic “provides fuel to the cells that make up the gut lining and supports gut barrier function.” All of this in just one little capsule? You already know this. Take one of the beautiful containers and feel your best!

It’s amazing!

Buy the Synbiotic+ dietary Supplement for Just $50 at Ritual

Want to know more? You can find all the vitamins and supplements Ritual has here!

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