Rising Star Dies in Car Crash

June 13, 2017Jun 13, 2017

Brandon Rogers, 29-year-old standout contestant on the show ‘America’s Got Talent’, died in a car crash over the weekend. He passed away only a few weeks prior to his episode being scheduled to air, according to TMZ. Producers of the show have not announced whether they will still air the episode, but his family reportedly is hoping it will be still aired. 

Information has been released regarding details of the car crash. Rogers was a passenger in a car with two friends that crashed into a tree; he was the only one that died from injuries, the other two survived. Apparently, the driver had a long shift at work and was extremely exhausted before dozing off at the wheel. TMZ also notes that drugs or alcohol were not a factor. 

'America's Got Talent' responded to the tragedy to Us Weekly. An NBC spokesperson stated, "We are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Dr. Brandon Rogers, who graced the 'America's Got Talent' stage as a contestant. Our thoughts are with his family." AGT also mentioned that they "will take the family's guidance regarding how to best respect his memory in relationship to the episode he appears in."

Rogers performed in Vegas with Boyz II Men earlier this year after the group heard Rogers sing a cover of one of their songs, “On Bended Knee”, through Instagram. The band paid a special tribute to the rising star after learning about his death via social media. Their Facebook page states:

"Today our hearts are deeply saddened to learn about the sudden death of Dr. Brandon Rogers in a car accident. A few moths back we brought this young man out to the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas to perform with us. He was great all 3 nights! Just a genuinely nice person and a really good singer! Gone too young and gone too soon. It hurts to know that the world will never have a chance to witness what his impact on the world could have been as a Doctor and even on the music world. A great spirit and a great voice. Even for the little time we knew you you will be sorely miss. May God Bless, keep and comfort your family in this difficult time."

Besides singing, Rogers had a passion for helping others. He was a doctor; people often referred to him as the ‘singing doctor’, Dr. Brandon Rogers. Please keep his friends and family in your prayers. Thank you!

Watch Brandon Rogers sing below: