Rising Star Athlete Dies 2 Days After Freak Accident Leaves Him Hospitalized in a Coma

October 01, 2018Oct 01, 2018

Devastating news was reported out of Georgia over the weekend. On Friday night at a high school football game, linebacker Dylan Thomas was seriously injured. 

Thomas, a junior at Pike County High School, was playing in a game on Friday night against Peach County when he sustained a severe injury. He was immediately sent to the hospital via ambulance. 

Later, Thomas was reportedly transferred to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta for further treatment. He underwent surgery for his injuries and remained hospitalized in a coma following the surgery. 

Sadly, the sad news was just reported that the young man passed away on Sunday night. His uncle had confirmed on Sunday morning that the football player had swelling in the brain. 

He had said, "Things are not looking good at all. I can't even describe the pain I am feeling. We will know the outcome in 12 hours. Dylan Thomas is in very critical condition we will not know anything for another 12 hours. Whether he will pull through or not as of right now his brain is still swelling even if he does pull through chances are he will not be the same."

Following the news of his death on Sunday night, friends, family members, and classmates of Dylan's have taken to social media to share condolences. Below are some of the posts:

Please be praying for Dylan's family during this horrible time. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, a Grammy award-winning musician just passed away as well. Please be praying for his family.