Riots EXPLODE In Charlotte; Sheriff David Clarke Praises Sending Out National Guard, But Says...

September 22, 2016Sep 22, 2016

In the name of "social justice" and in protest of police shootings of a black men, rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina attacked news crews, smashed up businesses and public transportation, shot at each other, brutally beat up people because of their skin color, and assaulted police officers trying to protect private property.

Numerous images and accounts flooded social media of stores and hotels badly looted, windows being smashed, people dancing on top of cars, reporters being attacked, a photographer nearly getting hurled into a street fire, a group of racist black guys brutally beating a white man as he begged for mercy, and hoards of protesters screaming profanities and objects at police officers.

If there was a purpose to all this, it was lost within the senseless violence.

North Carolina Gov. Patrick McCrory declared a state of emergency, and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts decided to call in the National Guard last night.

Outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke praised the deployment on Twitter but said it should have happened earlier.

"Charlotte mayor should have had National Guard on call-up & standby like I did in Milwaukee after the first night of rioting," Clarke wrote. "I got ridiculed by police chief, mayor and county exec for calling the guard on standby early. They aren't Minutemen. Need time to assemble. My calling @GovWalker to call out the guard after 1 night of rioting saved lives and property loss in Milwaukee. @journalsentinel mocked me."