Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Launches Ketchup-Inspired Makeup

Rihanna’sFenty Beauty is going wild! Fenty Beauty has teamed up to create a condiment-themed collection with MSCHF, an art collective.

The cosmetic label — which the hitmaker, 34, launched in 2017 — announced the collab via Instagram on Monday, August 22, sharing a photo of a model with ketchup spread across her lips. “New drop with @mschf. Ketchup or makeup?” Fenty teased in the caption of the social media post.

The limited-edition drop comprises of “six packets that contain either ketchup or lip gloss,” according to MSCHF. Customers will need to open the cute ketchup boxes to see if the product inside looks better on their lips or French fries.

MSCHF also announced the collection, posting a series photos that showed off the vibrant box that contained the dressing inspired palette. The price is $25 at www.ketchupormakeup.com.

Fans are both excited and confused by the drop.

“This is so cool!!!” one fan wrote in the comments section of Fenty’s post. A second fan commented: “I’m sorry but who wants to spend $25 to end up getting kitchen packets?” A third social media user asked: “Are the packets reusable if it is gloss? I have so many questions.”

TikTok star Marj MaroketThe beauty guru gave her followers an in-depth overview of the collection. In a video posted Tuesday, August 23, beauty guru, Lisa opens one of the packets. “This is ketchup for sure,” she says after smelling and tasting the red liquid.

She then opens another container and finds gloss. “Ooh, it smells like the Fenty gloss,” Maroket says in the clip as she lathers the product on her lips. “It’s so gorgeous,” she continues, adding that the box revealed the product was Fenty’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in the shade Cheeky.

The social media star concluded her video, telling fans that she won’t be opening the other packets and will be saving the box “as an art piece in my house.”

The palette may have confused some fans, but this is MSCHF’s norm.

The Brooklyn-based company was founded in 2016 Gabriel WhaleyThe collective has released many unique keepsakes over the years. The collective was formed in collaboration with Jimmy Fallon on funky designed “Gobstomper” sneakers, Tiffany & Co. on a participation trophy,And billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk on “eat the rich” popsicles.

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