Rihanna Shuts Down New Pregnancy Rumors: Y’all Breed Me Every Year D*****!


Rihanna Refutes Recent Pregnancy Rumors: Y’all Breed Me Every Year D*****!

Barbadian artist-turned-mogul Rihanna is at the center of a pregnancy rumor almost every month, and she’s finally addressing them.

The internet is desperate for your business Rihanna to give birth to a new little “navy” member. Fans have been snapping screenshots RihannaAt events, people zoom in to highlight a possible bump. There is often a dispute over whether the bump is visible in the photo.

It appears that the most recent Rihanna pregnancy rumor began with photos taken of the singer at the ceremony for the “national hero” title that her hometown recently gave her (see the pictures here).

A fan DM’d RihannaThe rumors. The message read:

“Can I come to the baby shower sis!? True or false, your babies are going be beautiful! sorry everyone’s up in your uterus right now.” 

RihannaThe response was:

“Haaaaa! Stawwwp! You ain’t came to the first 10 baby showers! Y’all breed me every year dammit lol.” 

Twitter is responding to the rumors. One user wrote:

“Somebody commenting saying that Rihanna looks chubby and then the whole world said she was pregnant.”


Another writer wrote:

“ASAP Rocky did what most other men would do given an opportunity. Get Rihanna pregnant. Y’all been roasting ever since. Twitter is a dangerous place.”


“I knew it! Rihanna isn’t pregnant and I really wish y’all would stop saying she is… y’all have no idea what that woman’s body is going through and y’all stay trying to break the case. My goodness.”


“nah cause ion like the way y’all always think rihanna pregnant just bc she has a tummy slightly bigger than these skinny a** models.”


“and patriarchy can bully all girls “oo even Rihanna the ultimate free woman (bad girl) got pregnant eventually, just do it too no need to wait” – impregnate & domesticating all women is their power move numero uno.”


“These men be happy when women like Rih get pregnant because cisheteronormativity must be upheld. This is their largest domain of power. A little private structure called family where they can oppress women with minimal consequences.”

“Rihanna is not pregnant. y’all will believe anything.”

“y’all think Rihanna pregnant every year. i hope she didn’t let that worm get her pregnant.”



“thank god rihanna isn’t pregnant… now she can worry about giving us this f****** album! RIHANNA PLS.”


“It’s so weird how people who start rumors about Rihanna always want Rihanna to be pregnant. Like some pregnancy fetish or some shit. Glad she responded.”




RihannaASAP Rocky is currently in a relationship with her. They were confirmed in their relationship earlier in the year.

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

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