Famous Pastor of One of the Largest Churches in America Rushed to Emergency Surgery, Please Pray

November 12, 2018Nov 12, 2018

A best-selling author, and the leader of one of the largest churches in the nation, was recently rushed to emergency surgery. Pastor Rick Warren found himself in a life threatening situation after it was discovered that he had a perforated intestine.

"Rick's wife, Kay Warren was mid-flight to Northern Ireland when she heard the news and immediately flew back to be with her husband, according to an update posted to the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church Facebook page. CCV was hosting Kay Warren for the Illuminate Women's Conference," reported the Christian Post.

According two reports, Warren had started showing some strange signs that something in his body was not right. After getting a CT scan, doctors found the cause of his pain.

"At the hospital, the staff got my CT scan which revealed that my intestine had perforated (torn) and was releasing infection into the abdominal area. So I quickly had emergency surgery and I am now recovering," Rick Warren wrote.

Thankfully, Warren's doctors were able to work a miracle on the famous pastor. The surgery went better than expected and he is recovering and in great spirits! The Warren's thanked everyone for the prayers they have been receiving. They posted on Facebook to give followers a much needed update on Rick's condition.

"Hello dear friends - just an update on Rick. He is much better today! The surgery went even better than expected and he will be released in a few days. Things were quite serious for a day but he is strong and tough and he is on the road to recovery! Thank you for your prayers for us! I am keenly disappointed to not be with you at Illuminate 2018; trusting that our sovereign God holds all things in His hands. I pray that what transpires in the lives of the women who attend will mark each one permanently - that unforgettable moments with Jesus and each other will take place. Until we meet in person, love to you all...."

Rick Warren is best known as the author of The Purpose Driven Life (2002). It has sold over 50 million copies and been translated into 74 languages, according to the Christian Post.

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