Richard Simmons Just Received Devastating News, Transgenders Rejoice

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Richard Simmons has just received some devastating news. While Simmons is most likely extremely disappointed, the transgender community is rejoicing!

Simmons has been an open advocate for transgender people. However, recent publications published a story saying he was transitioning to a woman himself, a claim Simmons denies.

Simmons later filed a defamation lawsuit against the National Enquirer and Radar Online, the publications making the claim. His claim was that his name was being used in a negative connotation and the publications were seeking to tarnish his reputation and humiliate him.

“The object of the National Enquirer was to do everything they could to humiliate this person,” added attorney Neville Johnson, also representing Simmons. “They made it up entirely out of whole cloth. I submit that when you make something up intentionally… and put it on the cover, there’s an inference you can make that somebody’s reputation is going to be harmed.”

However, the judge saw it differently. He has decided to throw out the lawsuit and found Simmons was not a victim of defamation.

“While, as a practical matter, the characteristic may be held in contempt by a portion of the population, the court will not validate those prejudices by legally recognizing them,” Judge Keosian ruled.

The ruling was seen as a giant win for the transgender community. Having a Superior Court judge ruled that being transgender is not a negative connotation in and of itself is a huge victory for that community.

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