‘RHONY’s Dorinda Medley Could Be Returning To The Show

RHONY’s Dorinda Mello could be back next season.

“There’s always an opportunity. I love it when people say, “Are we coming back next year?” It’s almost like it wasn’t my choice to leave. It’s up the Bravo and NBC to decide. When Hollywood Life asked her if she would return, she replied that it was up to them to make it public.


“I loved doing this.” Housewives I was proud to say that I was a good wife, but it took six years! She suggested that it was just a moment to breathe and heal and move in a different direction. Andy, I said: [Cohen] at the time which was interesting every six years my life changes — it’s a really odd thing. I was on that. Housewives For six years, I was married my husband. Then I change again and I become another person. Each one was a period of growth. Would you like to see us back on?”