RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Addresses Jennifer Aydin’s Drink Throwing

Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin
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Her side of the story. Real Housewives of New Jerseystar Melissa GorgaShe explains what happened when her costar was there Jennifer AydinHe threw a drink at her, and her husband. Joe Gorga during BravoCon.

“Rarely do I feel the need to address these types of things, and I refuse to give it too much time or energy,” the Love Italian Style author, 43, said during the Thursday, October 20, episode of her “Melissa Gorga On Display” podcast. “The truth is, BravoCon is a celebratory event. It’s not really supposed to be about the drama of the Housewives. It’s not supposed to be about who doesn’t like who and who’s not getting along with who. It’s really about the fans.”

The “I Just Wanna” singer explained that there was tension between her and Aydin, 45, because of what her costar had been saying about her during the RHONJSaturday, October 15th: Panels “Things that are really just not in your lane,” Gorga said. “You gotta stay in your lane. Second of all, I’m not sure what show you’re watching if I’m ‘hanging on by a thread.’ … It’s just, like, a very toxic road to go down to create tension that’s unnecessary at a celebratory event.”

Bravo personality Bravo claimed that she and her husband (43-year-old) were sitting in the lobby of Gansevoort hotel later that night, chatting to each other. Family KarmaCast members as Aydin entered the building

“She then walks in with her assistant and just goes to walk by me and gives me this snarky stare in my eyes as she’s walking past me,” Melissa recalled. “I just look at her and I go — in my tone, in my Melissa Gorga tone, no yelling or screaming — I go, ‘Keep moving, wannabe. You can just keep walking, you loser. There’s the elevator.’ Literally all I said.”

The “On Display” songstress said that the Ultimate Beauty Pillow creator started “screaming and yelling” after she heard those comments. “Which, alright, come on — if you can dish it, but you can’t take it? You’ve been saying things all day long that were 10 times worse than, ‘Hey, loser, keep walking,’” Melissa said on Thursday. “I could have picked much worse words, but I didn’t.”

The reality star admitted that her husband said he didn’t know how “this dirty bitch” was on RHONJMelissa claims that he was actually talking to his friends and not to Aydin. “Now she freaks out, now she tries to throw a drink on the guy I work with,” Melissa alleged. “She threw it all over the lobby. It was all over the security officer. … By the way, she should probably take care of his dry cleaning bill.”

Melissa noted that her main issue with the incident is that Aydin said she felt “attacked” by the Gorgas. “She has twisted the narrative on this so immensely,” the New Jersey native said. “It makes the show look bad. It gives it a dirty feel.”

After the drink-throwing incident made news, Andy CohenTelled Entertainment Tonight that he thought the situation was “gross,” adding, “Period dot.”

Drink-throwing isn’t a rarity on Bravo, but an insider told Us Weekly that the network was “not happy” that it happened at the three-day fan festival. “Bravo executives spoke with both the Gorgas and Jennifer Aydin after seeing the viral video,” the source explained. “They wanted them to know they don’t condone or tolerate this type of interaction and behavior, especially physical. The network isn’t happy with either side.”