Revealed: Rubio’s SHOCKING Behind The Scenes Plan To Stop Trump

March 31, 2016Mar 31, 2016

Marco Rubio suspended his presidential campaign after an abysmal performance on the campaign trail and in the primaries.  At the time of his suspension, Rubio had only won one state, Minnesota.

Instead of exiting the race gracefully, Rubio has operated behind the scenes, devising plans to stop Donald Trump’s path to the Republican nomination.  According to NBC, Rubio sent letters to GOP leaders about the 172 delegates that he had won.

In a normal election cycle, if a candidate drops out of the race, the delegates become free to support a candidate of their choosing at the convention.  However, this election has been anything but normal.

Rubio and his campaign sent letters to leaders in the 21 states and territories in which he managed to secure delegates.  In the letter, Rubio asks that the delegates remain bound to him through the first nominating ballot at the convention.

Rubio’s unprecedented request is an obvious and outrageous plan to keep Trump from the nomination as in most states, if a candidate is not nominated on the first ballot, then the delegates become unbound and are free to vote for whomever the establishment chooses.

Rubio’s plan stands firmly in the way of the American people and their voice.  If the overwhelming majority of the people cast their vote for Trump, the RNC, whether Trump is their first or last choice, should honor the people.