Revealed: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Romantic Valentine's Day Getaway

February 06, 2018Feb 06, 2018

The engaged Royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, remain the talk of the nation as their wedding date approaches. On May 19th of this year, Ms. Markle will officially become Prince Harry’s wife.

As the happy couple prepares for their big day, they are reportedly escaping their royal wedding duties for a Valentine’s Day getaway.

According to PEOPLE, Prince Harry and his beloved fiance are traveling to Scotland. On February 13th, they will head to Edinburgh to visit the infamous Edinburgh Castle, a local youth cafe, and attend other royal duties.

It is unclear exactly where the will be on February 14th, but PEOPLE noted that Markle previously opened up about her love for the romantic holiday.

“Hook, line and sinker, I am such a sucker for Valentine’s Day,” Markle stated. “Without fail, every February 14th, I wake up feeling like I’m immersed in a Robert Doisneau photo, waiting with bated breath to be dipped into a kiss. This is all happening in black and white, of course. And in Paris, if I had my way.”

She continued, “But delusions of francophile grandeur aside, Valentine’s Day is special wherever you happen to find yourself. And in terms of gifts, be it breakfast in bed, a sweet love note, or a single flower, it really is the thought that counts.”

This comes shortly after Ms. Markle revealed how she will dismantle Royal protocol at their upcoming wedding.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! What do you think about their romantic getaway? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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