Retiring GOP Rep. Cites Trump as Reason, Predicts Collapse of Republican Party

December 28, 2017Dec 28, 2017

Back in September, Rep. Charlie Dent, a Republican from Pennsylvania, announced he wouldn't seek reelection in 2018. Dent was first elected to the House in 2004.

On Thursday, he told CNN why he made that decision. In an interview, Dent said President Trump was "a factor" in his decision not to seek reelection next year.

"Well, at least in my case, I would say the president was a factor, but not the factor for me deciding to leave," Dent said during an interview with CNN.

He also emphasized the challenging nature of the midterm election. He noted that the party of the president "typically loses 32 seats in a situation like this."

However, he also seemed to blame President Trump for the especially challenging nature of the midterm.

"Of course then, Donald Trump, you know, complicates that because he's a very polarizing figure, and so I suspect our challenges will be even greater just because of that," he added.

He went on to seem to indicate that he's losing faith in the Republican Party. He explained that the current party has a "much stronger base with older voters and white voters," but he believes they are weak with minorities.

"You clearly alienate a lot of Hispanic voters with [Trump's] comments on Mexicans and Latinos, and of course you have the Charlottesville situation," Dent said. "Politics and getting elected is an exercise in inclusion and not exclusion."

However, Dent isn't about to become a Democrat. He believes both parties are in a "bad place" right now.

"It seems to me that the political parties are realigning right now," Dent said, "and nobody is sure how it is going to sort itself out."

Since President Trump's election, Dent has been critical of his own party. He was vocally opposed to Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, and he criticized the party for their new litmus test.


"You know, before Donald Trump became president, the litmus test for Republicans was — it was really about the ideological purity and conformity," he said.

"Now the litmus test has changed. The issue is loyalty to the man, to the president. And for some, you know, loyalty is not enough, you have to be angry and aggrieved."

In other news, today brought more bad news for Roy Moore. 

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