Results Are in After New Poll Asks the Million Dollar Question: Dogs vs Cats

April 08, 2019Apr 08, 2019

Americans love their pets. It's no secret that our animals are some of the most important things in our lives and many people view their pets as actual members of their families.

However, there has always been a massive debate between owners of two very different pets. Now, cat owners and dog owners finally have some evidence to stand on. A new survey was just conducted to determine if dog owners or cat owners actually have happier lives.

"In 2018, the General Social Survey for the first time included a battery of questions on pet ownership. The findings not only quantified the nation’s pet population — nearly 6 in 10 households have at least one —they made it possible to see how pet ownership overlaps with all sorts of factors of interest to social scientists," according to The Washington Post.

The data suggests that there is little difference between happiness among pet owners and non-pet owners. However, there is a big difference in happiness levels between dog owners and cat owners.

"Dog owners are about twice as likely as cat owners to say they’re very happy, with people owning both falling somewhere in between. Dog people, in other words, are slightly happier than those without any pets. Those in the cat camp, on the other hand, are significantly less happy than the pet-less. And having both appears to cancel each other out happiness-wise," according to reports.

Previous studies had found mixed results. However, this study found some conclusive data to support their claims. It corresponds to previous surveys on the topic as well.

"A 2016 study of dog and cat owners, on the other hand, yielded greater happiness ratings for dog owners relative to cat people. It attributed the contrast, at least in part, to differences in personality: Dog owners tended to be more agreeable, more extroverted and less neurotic than cat owners. And a 2015 study linked the presence of a cat in the home to fewer negative emotions, but not necessarily an increase in positive ones," wrote The Washington Post.

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