Restaurants Take Bold Stand in #TakeAKnee Movement

September 26, 2017Sep 26, 2017

NFL Sunday football took a drastic political turn after a majority of players decided to protest during the national anthem. The protests, which have been making headlines since Colin Kaepernick started the movement last year in support of Black Lives Matter, received a massive increase in the number of participants following President Donald Trump’s controversial remarks.

A few days prior to the games, Trump suggested that all players who protest during the national anthem should be fired. In response, many professional football players followed Kaepernick’s example of taking a knee during the “Star Spangled Banner,” while several entire teams did not show up on the field for the song at all.

Since Sunday’s games, many political leaders and big names in the sports industry have announced their stance in the #TakeAKnee movement. Conservatives including members of the Trump family, political commentators Mark Dice and Tomi Lahren, among many others, feel very strongly that kneeling during the national anthem is a disrespectful motion towards our American flag and is completely unrelated to fighting racial injustice.

On the other hand, several football coaches and other sports stars, such as Lebron James and Michael Jordan, have publicly spoken against Trump and are in agreement with the meaning behind the protests. From their perspective, they believe that it is their right to protest in this manner under the First Amendment—freedom of speech.

Several restaurants have now taken a bold stand in this controversial movement. According to People magazine, many unassociated food spots announced to customers that they will no longer be showing NFL games until football players stop protesting during the national anthem.

A local New York restaurant posted a sign outside, which stated, “Borio's Restaurant is thankful to be in America! Due to the recent decision of the [Pittsburgh Steelers] team to stay in the locker room during our country's National Anthem, the Borio family will no longer show the NFL in our restaurant. If and when this show of disrespect ends we will be happy to show [the games] in our restaurant again. America is great, we can all make decisions!”

A family restaurant in Tennessee also faced backlash for a similar decision. However, the restaurant owner explained why this was such a big deal to her and her family.

She released the following statement, “I stand behind my decision and I want to make this clear, the sole reason that I didn’t air the game is because I feel the players disrespected the National Anthem and that is something I hold dear to my heart. That’s how I was raised, I have family members who served our great country in the military and I was taught to respect the National Anthem, the flag, the military and people in general.”

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