Restaurant Manager Arrested After Refusing to Let Woman Use Bathroom

January 19, 2018Jan 19, 2018

We’ve all been there. Nature is making a desperate call, and the only thing in sight is a restaurant. Is it OK to ask to use their restroom, even if you’re not planning to purchase anything? That question has arisen again after a restaurant manager was arrested following his refusal to let a woman use his establishment’s restroom.

Of course, there’s more to the story than that. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 34-year-old Jade Martin says she had been out drinking with friends last Friday but missed her bus to go home. Needing a restroom, Martin walked into Pizza Milano in uptown Pittsburgh to ask if she could use their ladies’ room.

Video of the incident showed 41-year-old manager Mahmut Yilmaz telling her she has to leave. It’s unclear what happened before the video recording, but Martin can be heard taunting Yilmaz, “Push me again!”

As the woman decides to walk past him toward the back of the restaurant, the manager grabs her arm and swings her around, all the time yelling “please!” repeatedly. As the Martin continues to argue with Yilmaz, he pushes her up against a doorframe. He then drives her head into the frame, tackles her to the ground, and appears to bash her head repeatedly against the hard floor.

“I said please!” Yilmaz yells at her over and over. “Why you not listen to me?”

That’s when other employees and customers rush in to separate the two. Martin is then thrown out of the eatery by the customers and employees, but appears to be resisting them the entire time they pull her out through the front doors.

Yilmaz claims the woman was drunk, “loud and disruptive,” and had been asking customers for money. For his actions, he was charged with aggravated assault and fired from his job.

Martin, who spoke with police after the incident, says she suffered a concussion from the attack. Police say she’ll face charges of aggravated trespassing. The restaurant has since been the target of protesters upset at how she was treated.

All of this has brought up the question of whether a restaurant can refuse to let a non-paying person use their restroom. According to Inside Edition, the answer is: yes.

“It’s private property, so [a restaurant doesn’t] have to. You’re not obliged to,” answered Inside Edition’s restaurant source.

“But very often it’s an extension of hospitality, which is what we’re in the business of,” she noted, suggesting that non-paying people who need to use a restroom should ask to do so very politely.

Watch the video and Inside Edition’s brief report below:

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