Responding To Black Lives Matter, Congress Looks To Make THIS A Hate Crime

July 19, 2016Jul 19, 2016

The Black Lives Matter activist group sprung up after Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014 after he robbed a store, resisted arrest and tried to grab a police officer’s gun.  Activists and the mainstream media began pushing a false narrative in which they declared that police officers are inherently racist and were targeting and shooting black people just because of their skin color.

Instead of putting a stop to the harmful and false rhetoric, Obama and other elected officials fanned the racial flames. Obama invited Black Lives Matter to the White House on multiple occasions and Hillary Clinton met privately with their leaders. The meetings did nothing to quell the anti-police sentiment. In fact, things have gotten so bad that police officers are being openly targeted and executed by black supremacists. 10 police officers have been murdered in the past two weeks alone.

Since the president and leaders in the Democratic party refuse to take any action except trying to pass more gun laws, it has fallen to Republicans in Congress to take matters in their own hands. According to breitbart, Republican congressmen are proposing legislation that will make targeting police officers a hate crime.

The ‘Blue Lives Matter Act’ is a direct response to the rhetoric and racist targeting by Black Lives Matter. The bill is set to go before the House and Senate in September.

Surprisingly there are some groups that oppose the legislation. The Anti-Defamation League believes that targeting police officers shouldn’t be a hate crime because they chose that job and “occupation is temporary and an inherently different kind of attribute.”

How anyone can argue against making cop killings a hate crime, I will never understand. Hate isn’t unique to any race, religion, sex or occupation. Police officers are being murdered across the country because of hateful racist rhetoric. That is most certainly a hate crime.

If you believe it is a hate crime, call your congressman and senator and tell them to pass this common sense law.