Rescuers Fighting to Save Toddler Who Fell Down Well 3 Days Ago, Please Send Prayers

January 16, 2019Jan 16, 2019

Three days ago, a toddler in Spain fell into a well. The little boy, whose name has been reported as Julen or Yulen, screamed as he fell, but they haven't heard him since.

The 2-year-old fell into a 360-foot-deep borehole while walking with his family in southern Spain on Sunday. So far, the only sign of him has been the cup and candies he was holding when he fell. Those were spotted at a depth of 255 feet by a camera lowered into the hole.

Unfortunately, the camera has not been able to reach him. The camera has been able to get 262 feet deep, but the hole is very narrow—just shy of 10 inches wide—and it's too small for an adult to fit into.

Rescuers are also concerned about the potential for collapse. According to local media, it's possible the boy's fall disturbed the walls, and he's covered in dirt.

The Guardian reported that rescuers on the scene near the town of Totalan have removed nearly a foot of earth from the shaft. However, it's not clear how deep the "blockage" covering him is.

"We're going to try to clear the earth with a truck-mounted machine and try to dig a parallel tunnel, but to do that, we need to shore up the shaft to reach the boy," said rescuers.

The hole was reportedly made about a month ago during a water prospection project, reports the AP. The AP reports the well hadn't been covered.

Over 100 rescuers, including firefighters, police, and underwater teams, have been working to save the boy. A specialist mine rescue team is also heading to the site in Totalán, a town in the southern province of Málaga, to help retrieve the boy.

The boy's parents, Vicky and Jose Garcia, had already been through tragedy. They lost a 3-year-old son to a heart attack thought to be linked to a congenital heart condition in 2017. They are staying in a tent at the scene, and trauma experts and psychologists are working to help them through the process.

Rescuers said on Wednesday that they expect to reach him within 48 hours. The parents hold out hope that he is still alive. 

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