Republican Senator Rushed Into Surgery After Emergency Health Crisis

September 29, 2018Sep 29, 2018

Thursday wasn't just an incredibly stressful day for the senators on the Judiciary Hearing Committee. It was also a trying day for a senator from Alaska.

Republican Senator Dan Sullivan intended to watch the hearing on the sexual assault allegations that were brought against Kavanaugh. After all, he'd eventually need to vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

However, Sullivan's body had different plants. The Washington Post reported that Sullivan had symptoms of appendicitis, and he was rushed into energy surgery for appendicitis early Friday morning.

Sullivan tweeted out thanks for people's kind wishes on his surgery. He also shared how grateful he was for his wife's support.

He missed the hearings live, but he tweeted that he's been watching them during his recovery. He also said that he supports the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh.

Sullivan's fellow Alaskan senator, Lisa Murkowski, also supported Flake's call. The probe “will hopefully allow this process to move forward in a timely and fair fashion,” Sullivan said.

Before Ford came forward, Sullivan was fully in support of Kavanaugh, who he had known since they worked together in the George W. Bush administration. However, he declined to make a judgement call.

He added, “Out of respect for this process, Professor Ford, and Judge Kavanaugh, I will wait before offering further thoughts on this hearing."