Republican Party Leader Drops BOMBSHELL: Trump May Not Need...

April 13, 2016Apr 13, 2016

During an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe today, Republican National Committeeman Randy Evans dropped a bombshell about the number of delegates Donald Trump will need to secure the party's nomination.


Evans made a surprising assertion, saying, "What I do expect to happen is this: If Donald Trump exceeds 1,100 votes, he will become the nominee even though he may not have 1,237."

Depending on how much Evans' opinion matches the opinion of others in the RNC, Ted Cruz and John Kasich supporters hoping that Trump will fall just shy of 1,237 delegates — immediately leading to a contested convention — might have more to worry about.

Evans elaborated, saying, "If [Trump] gets less than 1,000 delegates, then I think we're looking at a contested convention that could go on for many, many days. And then in the middle, there's that grey area between 1,000 and 1,100, and that's where the unbound delegates or the delegates that have been released by other candidates come into play to see if there are enough of those to get either Cruz or Trump over the finish line."

Regardless of Evans' standing in the RNC, it is a stunning announcement from a leading figure of the Republican establishment that seems reluctant to throw their support behind the GOP frontrunner.

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