Republican Party Erupts on Eve of Super Tuesday!

February 29, 2016Feb 29, 2016

Never in modern politics has there been such a battle — all within one party!

Years ago, Ronald Reagan issued what he called "The 11th Commandment — Never Speak Evil of a Fellow Republican."


Today, that 11th commandment is in shambles. In the last 24 to 48 hours, here is what has happened:

Mitt Romney, the Republican standard bearer from 2012, has called Donald Trump's response to a question about the KKK "disqualifying and disgusting."

Donald Trump said the Republican National Committee was in violation of its agreement, which implied he was no longer bound to stay a Republican.

Trump called Cruz a liar. In olden days, this would have been cause for a gunfight.

Rubio ridiculed Trump's appearance; implied he wet his pants in the debate; and criticized him mercilessly.

Trump called Rubio a liar and a lightweight.

These are the past leader and the current 3 leaders in the Republican presidential race!

There is also a significant danger that, if the Republican hierarchy turns on Donald Trump, that the many followers of Trump will turn on the Republican party.

All this may be decided on Super Tuesday, and perhaps tempers may cool. But if not, the alliance of social conservatives, and defense conservatives, and economic conservatives that is the modern Republican party may need some serious healing and reconstruction before the next election.