Republican AGs to Speak at Event Funded by Arabella, Amazon, Facebook

Many GOP officials are joining a coalition of attorneys general with liberal sponsors, at a time when many Republicans are frustrated by what they consider a liberal tilt from one national group that represents state attorney generals. 

The annual meeting was held in Sun Valley (Idaho) on Monday and will continue through Thursday. 

One of the moderators of the panel discussion at the gathering was Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He is one of the GOP officials who left the National Association of Attorneys General due to what they call a liberal slant. 

Sponsors for the AG Alliance’s annual event include Meta (parent company of Facebook), Amazon, TikTok, and Target.

Another sponsor is Center for Secure and Modern Elections. This left-wing non-profit was founded through Arabella Advisors network and is associated with another group, which took money from Mark Zuckerberg in 2020 to finance administration of elections in targeted States. 

Kocho Industries and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are two conservative-leaning sponsors of this week’s gathering of state attorneys general in Idaho.

Officially bipartisan, the AG Alliance beganIn 1982, the Conference of Western Attorneys general was established with 15 states. In 2019, the group included 46 attorneys general. 

Phil Weiser is a Democrat and Colorado Attorney General. He is also the chairman of the AG Alliance. It is based out Elk Grove, California. 

According to the agenda for the conference, there are also other GOP state attorneys-general participating in panels this week: Lynn Fitch from Mississippi; Lawrence Wasden, Idaho; Treg Taylor, Alaska; Bridgett H of Wyoming; Treg Reyes, Utah; and Doug Peterson, Nebraska; and Jason Miyares, Virginia. 

According to the schedule Weiser is not the only Democrat attorney General who will be participating, but Hector Balderas of New Mexico and Holly Shikada of Hawaii are also included. 

According to the agenda, Paxton was scheduled to be moderator of a panel Wednesday morning titled “Evolving Litigation Trends.”

Paxton’s panel includes Chris Yowell, president of Celerity Consulting Group Inc.; Page Faulk, senior vice president of legal reform initiatives at U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, a sponsor of the annual meeting; Eric Estes, general counsel for Xcaliber International; and Joseph Sciarrotta Jr., division chief counsel for Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican.

Paxton’s office did not respond to The Daily Signal’s phone and email inquiries by publication time.  In response to emails Tuesday, a spokesperson for Wasden’s office said it would have no comment and a spokesperson for Fitch’s office said it would respond, but did not.

The Daily Signal didn’t receive a response from any of the offices of the other GOP attorneys general who were scheduled to speak at this week’s conference.

Some sponsors of the AG Alliance gathering include staff who will join attorneys general at the various panel discussions. These sponsors include Uber and Pfizer as well as Pindrop, Uber, Pindrop and Celebrity Consulting. CuraLeaf is also represented. 

The Hauptsponsor of the nonprofit is the Center for Secure and Modern ElectionsThe New Venture Fund is a nonprofit created by the left-leaning Arabella Advisors network. The organization advocates “automatic voter registration.”

“Any group taking funds from Arabella is not there to be nonpartisan,” Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, told The Daily Signal. “I can see [that]If an organization signs up to be a sponsor, it can give [the sponsor] the veneer of bipartisanship.”

Two emails from The Daily Signal to the Center for Secure and Modern Elections were not answered by The Center for Secure and Modern Elections at publication time. 

The center is closely linked to another organization, the Center for Tech and Civic Life. This organization received $350 million from Zuckerberg and her wife during the 2020 election cycle to distribute local governments for election administration. Critics say that the money was used by local governments to increase the Democrat vote. 

These two centers were established this year teamed upTo be a part of the Alliance for Election Excellence 

In 2020, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, sued the New Venture FundIt serves as the parent organization of the Center for Secure and Modern Elections and the Center for Tech and Civic Life. Full Circle is responsible for spending money on Louisiana’s election offices. A Louisiana judge ruled in favor of the state. 

Tuesday’s statement from the AG Alliance stated that he had received an email Monday from The Daily Signal. However, he did not respond to publication time.

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