Reports Flooding in of Potential Shooter on University Campus

October 17, 2017Oct 17, 2017
Updated Oct 17 2017 2:10pm ET

UPDATE: The University stated via social media that all campus buildings were cleared by authorities roughly 1-2 hours after original shooting reports. Please read the original story below.

Original Story

Reports are flooding in of a potential shooter on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. Tuesday afternoon. The university released a series of tweets informing the public that the school received an anonymous tip and authorities are taking it "very seriously."

Students and staff have been instructed to stay in their current location until further notice.

CBN News reporter Ben Kennedy is on site covering the breaking news story—he tweeted several photos of the college campus, confirming that police are currently responding to a potential shooter. His most recent post noted that SWAT was on campus, but left.

Please note that an actual shooting was not confirmed. The investigation is still ongoing.

This story is developing and, as of right now, little details are known. This article will be updated accordingly as additional details are released.

Please keep the Howard University students and faculty in your prayers during this time. In other breaking news, a movie star was recently arrested on felony charges after police findings in his vehicle.

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