REPORTS: Dallas Attack Just One Of Four Ambushes On Police Yesterday, Today

July 08, 2016Jul 08, 2016

It was an evening of nationwide rallies, ambushes of police officers, and calls for more assassinations, and the protests against police continued even as officers lay dead in the streets.

Numerous media outlets reported protests yesterday evening across the nation, from freeways blocked in Chicago and Oakland to rallies at the U.S. Capitol and White House to protests in Ferguson, Portland, Seattle, and Times Square. And signs held by protestors made it clear that for many of them the focus of their outrage was not solely on the white officers who killed two black men earlier this week but on police in America as a whole.

Even as a dozen officers lay dead or injured on the ground from snipers in Dallas, members of the Black Lives Matters rally looted a nearby 7-Eleven and taunted the police officers who rushed to form a human wall around it, according to WFAA.

In Tennessee, in an incident that bears disturbing similarities to the Dallas attack, a man specifically targeted white people and police Thursday morning, according to CBS News. Authorities say he shot and killed a female newspaper carrier, injured a hotel worker, and wounded two police officers. Investigators believe it was likely he was motivated by the police shootings earlier this week.

And according to the UK Mirror, a Black Power group is claiming responsibility for the Dallas shooting — even though the key suspect claimed to be working alone — and is promising more assassinations of police officers.

Meanwhile, USA Today is reporting that the rate of police officers being ambushed and murdered is significantly up this year over last year.

Thursday was a truly sickening and tragic day in America, and the Associated Press has just reported that a non-fatal shooting of a police officer in Valdosta, Georgia this morning was also an ambush. And another officer was shot in the neck in Ballwin, Missouri during a traffic stop this morning. RT News is reporting that as an ambush as well.

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