Reporter Shows Nerves of Steel as Spider Crawls Down Arm During Live TV

July 29, 2017Jul 29, 2017

Television news reporters get mocked when they stand out in blustery gales as hurricanes approach in order to make their news reports look more dramatic. But for one Fox News reporter, the drama that unfolded live before the viewers’ eyes was completely unplanned.

Fox 4 Dallas reporter Shannon Murray was speaking to a live TV camera when viewers noticed something crawling down her arm — a very, very large spider. But instead of freaking out and swatting at the fast-moving arachnid, Murray continued her report as if nothing amiss was going on.

“We’ve got to give Shannon some credit for not getting bugged out by a spider during an earlier live shot,” said one of Fox 4’s anchors during a rebroadcast of the footage.

After Fox 4 posted the video on their Facebook page Wednesday, making it go viral, viewers wanted to know how Murray could have possibly kept her cool. She replied in the video’s comments section.

“For those asking, YES I felt it! But I had no idea it was a spider until a VIEWER let me know on Facebook! EEK” Murray wrote.

“Kudos to you for being so professional. Any tickle or feeling like that would have made me lose it,” replied Brittany Causey, echoing the sentiments of many others commenters.

But some viewers like Shannon Ellefson wanted to know, “Why didn't the cameraman warn you?!”

“He says he didn't see it!,” Murray replied. “But the spider is well lit so I have to give him props for that! Haha.”

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