Reporter Claims CNN More Accurate than the Bible

July 06, 2017Jul 06, 2017

On Monday, a former Huffington Post reporter and current columnist for Teen Vogue claimed that CNN and the mainstream media in general is more accurate than the Bible. Yes, you read that correctly.

Lauren Duca is a feminist writer for the “Thigh-High Politics” column in Teen Vogue and was an entertainment reporter for The Huffington Post, according to the Daily Wire. And she’s obviously taken issue with conservatives calling the left-leaning mainstream media “fake news.”

Writing on Twitter, she said, “Folks, if you think there are too many mistakes in modern journalism, let me tell you about inaccuracies in this one book called ‘The Bible.’”

Except that, unlike CNN, the Bible was written by men directly inspired by God and led by the Holy Spirit in their writing. Except that, unlike CNN, the Bible has remained accurate for thousands of years. Except that, unlike CNN, the Bible has gone through the most stringent copying and translating process in history and remains accurate to the earliest known versions, like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Except that, unlike CNN, the Bible names its sources. Except that, unlike CNN, God has not needed to issue an update or correction since the Bible’s completion. Except that unlike CNN, God’s only agenda in inspiring men to write the Bible was to have them write the truth.

The sheer lunacy of a journalist to make that statement shows how ridiculous it looks when humankind tries to exalt their knowledge above God’s. Duca gained national attention last December when she tried to take on Fox News host Tucker Carlson who questioned her attacks on Ivanka Trump: