Reportedly Feuding With Maria Shriver And Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Family, Missing In Holiday Photo

Most people are aware Chris PrattHe is best known for his blockbuster films, but few people would consider him a Kennedy. When he married, he was a part of the American dynasty. Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter Maria Shriver. Gossip Cop’s top Pratt story of the year saw him and Shriver fighting because his allegiance was to Hollywood, not Camelot.

‘A Regular No-Show’

Per OK!, Pratt had done little to ingratiate himself with his wife’s side of the family. Pratt had stopped attending Kennedy functions to focus on his work. According to a source, he was unable to attend Kennedy functions anymore. Parks and Recreation star “seems to have made it clear that being a Hollywood superstar is a top priority, and a lot of Katherine’s family, especially on mom Maria Shriver’s side, take issue with it.” The Kennedys just saw Pratt as a cocky, selfish man for his refusal to assimilate.

While it’s cute to think that Robert Kennedy and Pratt are technically related, there was nothing to this story. Shriver and her siblings went with Pratt to Christmas tree shopping the week before this story was published. The two sides clearly get along well, or it wouldn’t have happened. 

Pratt, Schwarzenegger, and their family live in Los Angeles, far from Nantucket, and the Kennedy compound. Thanks to COVID-19, it’s rather ill-advised to go coast to coast just for a barbecue with your in-laws.

How are they doing?

Since this story came out there’s been some wonderful news for bot Pratt and the Kennedy family: Schwarzenegger is expecting another baby. While she and Pratt haven’t publicly announced anything, multiple sources told People that they’re expecting. Her baby bumpDuring a Los Angeles coffee stop, he was on display. Pratt is co-parenting his eldest child Jack with Anna Faris. This is their second baby together.

More Bogus Stories

Tabloids are like tabloids OK!If Pratt had known the scoop, Schwarzennegger and Pratt would have split years ago. Every couple of months there’s another story about the two fighting over his busy schedule as if he hasn’t been a successful actor throughout their entire relationship. 

If it’s not the Kennedy side, then other outlets will tell you Pratt is disliked by the Schwarzenegger side of Katherine’s family. Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger are a good match, but there are many stories that will prove otherwise. Pratt gets along well with his wife’s family, so this whole in-law narrative is a load of hooey.