Reporter Arrested After Controversial Candidate Filming

October 31, 2017Oct 31, 2017

A reporter for Shareblue Media was recently arrested at a parade in Virginia, according to The Hill. The arrest occurred over the weekend after the progressive reporter began arguing with police about the filming of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie's campaign vehicle.

It seems as though the police officer demanded that the reporter stop filming the vehicle and move further away from the road. Soon thereafter, the officer pulled the man's arms behind his back in order to arrest him. 

This resulted in a very brief struggle. One officer is then seen pulling Stark's legs out from under him, forcing him to the ground. Then, two other officers attempted to pin the journalist onto the ground and put his arm behind his back. The officers kept on trying to get the journalists' arm behind his back, but he responded that he was unable to. 

"You have your weight on top of me," Stark can be heard saying. "I cannot give you my hand."

After Stark was put into handcuffs, one of the officers informed him that he was being arrested for using profanity. Stark was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, with a $3,000 bond.

In their article explaining that one of their journalists were arrested, the liberal media outlet first mentioned that they think Gillespie is running a "racist campaign" and that they are "uncomfortable" with the candidate's endorsement of Donald Trump. They seem to imply that this journalist's arrest is a way for Gillespie to "hide from tough questions" about his "white supremacist" sympathies. 

Gillespie is set to face off against Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and has received attention from the mainstream media. Gillespie is the former campaign chairman of the Republican National Committee, a Washington lobbyist and counselor to former President George W. Bush.

The Hill reported yesterday that Governor Ralph Northam is currently leading Gillespie by 17 points in the race. Northam received 53 percent among likely voters in Virginia, while Gillespie polled at only 36 percent. However, on average, Northam leads Gillespie by only 3.3 points in an average of several other polls.

Both candidates have received backing from national political figures. In particular, Gillespie has earned the support of Vice President Mike Pence, who campaigned for him earlier this month. At the same time, Northam has received the support of former President Barack Obama, who also hit the campaign trail for his ideal candidate. 

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